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ng the word

God will help you understand his Word Is the Bible really God's Word? All Scripture is inspired by God and is useful to teach us what is true and to make us realize what is wrong in our lives. 2 Timothy 3:14 NLT The Word Transforms Dr. E. V. Rieu was a classical scholar and translator for many years. He rendered Homer into very modern English for the Penguin Classics. Rieu was sixty years old and a life-long agnostic when the same firm invited him to translate the Gospels. His son remarked: "It will be interesting to see what Father makes of the four Gospels. It will be even more interesting to see what the four Gospels make of Father." The answer was soon forthcoming. A year later, Rieu, convinced and converted, joined the Church of England. In an interview with J. B. Phillips, Rieu confessed that he had undertaken the task of translation because of an "intense desire to satisfy himself as to the authenticity and spiritual content of the Gospels." He was... (more)

Seashore Desire #77
Artist: VA Title: Seashore Desire #77 Label: #MELONDREAMS @mp3s.su @facebook @twitter @Mixcloud @Google+ Genre: Trance, Uplifting Trance, Progressive Trance Store Date: 4 April 2015 Source: WEB # Tracks: 35 # CDs: 1 Lenght: 04:11:29 Format: *.mp3 Codec: Lame 3.99.5 Quality: HQ 320 kbps Channels: Joint Stereo / 44 khz Tags: ID3 v2.3, cover Nonstop mix: No *.cue: No Archive size: 586 mb Recovery record: yesTracklist: 001. Kenneth Thomas feat. Molly Bancroft - Hiding 002. Jamie Drummond - Joyride (Indecent Noise Remix) 003. Lange - Hold That Sucker Down (Original Mix) 004. Mario Ayuda & Chris Callado - Limitless (Original Mix) 005. Matt Davey - Believe In Me (Original Mix) 006. Michael Calfan vs. John Dahlback feat. Andy P - Let Your Mind Go (Original Mix) 007. Mino Safy - Passenger (Original Mix) 008. Offshore Wind & Roman Messer - Renaissance (Original Mix) 009. Poshout - Jumeirah (Original Mix) 010. Neev Kennedy - A Bridge (DNS Project Original Mix) 011. Johan Gielen... (more)

Raymond mill from the processing of calcite course ore
Above the years, the master of ultra-fine powder processing gear technological innovation , the standard raymond mill application approach while in the a variety of difficulties comprehensive technological innovation. We identified that when employing the standard mill , raymond mill in the processing of calcite class ore, 325 mesh ore incorporates significant amounts of 10um ultrafine slag, if it might be isolated and expanded generation will greatly make improvements to effectiveness. The principle supply of field ultrafine powder product is metallic and nonmetallic resources and also other organic and natural issue mineralization , a standard zinc oxide , molybdenum powder, magnesium together with other metallic mineralization ultrafine powder , at the same time as kaolin powder, talcum powder , fluorite powder, gypsum powder , bentonite powder and superfine powder of non-metallic mineralization . These specific processing resources made of ultra-fine powders , which has a really... (more)

Lagi Ga Ada Inspirasi Nih
Kenapa ya? Setiap kali udah duduk depan monitor, pikiran tuh rasanya buntu. Padahal kalo lagi jalan banyak banget yang pengen ditulis. Ide tuh beterbangan. Tinggal di tangkep-tangkepin aja. Yang manapun yang dapat, rasanya bisa aja dikembangin. Bahkan waktu lagi nge draft satu topik nanti bakanlan muncul topik-topik lainnya yang mau dikembangkan. Tapi begitu udah duduk manis depan laptop, jari udah siap beraksi malah bingung mau nulis apa. Kalo dulu, biasanya judul-judul tulisan itu bakalan gw catet dulu. Sambil mikir, nanti deh kalo ada waktu baru ditulis. Masalahnya, biasanya yang kaya' gitu ga ketulis-tulis. Malah ada beberapa judul yang entah dari beberapa tahun lalu belum jadi-jadi ditulis sampe sekarang gw sendiri udah lupa gimana ceritanya. Gw bahkan masih ngutang post yang katanya mau di published di bulan Mei 2014. Been so long ever since. But I don't think that post ready to published yet. Waduh.. Gawat nih. Gw bener-bener harus belajar untuk lebih... (more)

Argh Not The Pony
Original dons
I've had the perfect end to my holiday, except for the fact I can't go to the bloody gym! On Friday in the day I woke up feeling quite sad but then Abi drove me and Rachel to Staines Nando's for lunch lol how classy and it was so nice! I'm really going to miss being able to go in cars; I don't like it as much since the crash in November but Abi's driving is the best tbh so it's cool I got in charge of the AUX obv and played bare Major Lazer and other cool shit and it was a motorway drive too so I was like yas and then we got there and the food was so good, didn't remember to say no mayo so I couldn't finish the burger but it was well nice, we talked about loads of stuff and Rachel said I'm too weird to have sex because I make the whole subject so uncomfortable hahahah which cracked me up and I quite like that idea in a weird way, she said I'm 'out there' and we discussed a whole host of scandals within the group which made me happy, and the drive back also contained much Major... (more)

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